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We are a small group of around 30 Christian orthodox families at San Antonio, TX. We conduct holy services at a restructured small house now, our community is expanding and we decided to build a new church to accommodate growing gathering at 8645 Abe Lincoln, San Antonio, TX 78240. We started the church construction project in 2020 but due to pandemic we were not able to achieve our fundraising goals even after members contributing multiple times to their maximum ability.
We greatly need your help; any small donations even $20 here will help us in big way. Also please consider to share this link to anyone else you could help our cause.
[Please use paypal link above or zelle to "stgeorgeioc20@gmail.com" with name as
“St GEORGE INDIAN ORTHODOX CHURCH” or send check to “St George Indian Orthodox Church, PO BOX 692174, San Antonio, TX 78269-2174” ]
If you are interested to buy our raffle tickets, then pay in multiples of $100 and mention RAFFLE in the message/memo and include your name and contact details so that we can send your raffle e-tickets to you.
Thank you for your prayers and support to spread the word of God and build a spiritual Christian next generation.

New Church (Estimated completion with God's grace - 2021 summer):

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Future New Church Address: 8645 Abe Lincoln, San Antonio, TX, 78240